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 Looking For Pack Members! Blank~ (Blind One, Thingrin)

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PostSubject: Looking For Pack Members! Blank~ (Blind One, Thingrin)   Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:11 am

Hey everyone! My name is Thingrin. Here are some Things you have to fill out to be in my Pack! Here they are!


    Pack: WingsOfBlood


    RP NAME:

    What Are You:

    Irl Age (Optional):

    Rp Age:



    Position You Want to Earn Up for:

    Give us a Rp example:

---What Will YOU Do?---

    There is a Wolf near our territory the Wolf is just Walking around Looking Confused, What do you do?:

    Another Wolf in the pack is Being rude to me or another High rank the The Higher Rank is trying to ignore it but the other
          one is still going on what do you do?:

    People are Being too gody and Auto hitting, Not dieing or getting hurt you know people don't like Other people doing that
          while rping! What do you do?


    Your Website:
    Anything you want to tell us?:
    Thanks for looking at this ~ Thingrin
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Looking For Pack Members! Blank~ (Blind One, Thingrin)

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